Visit Beaches in Phuket of all Kinds

Visit Beaches in Phuket of all Kinds

Many Beaches in Phuket, Many Atmospheres. The Beach on which you choose a hotel can Make or Break your holiday in Phuket.

But why not look at the other beaches of Phuket, for there are so many, and so many different atmospheres; from active and quite crowded places like Patong, to completely isolated and lonely stretches where you won’t find another person

If you are just thinking about coming to Phuket for a holiday, we strongly recommend that you choose your beach before your holiday. Our guide here can help you. But even after that choice is made and you have arrived in Phuket, we still suggest you leave your own beach, at least for a day, and drive to some of the many other beaches on different parts of the island. You will discover a great deal of difference.

Phuket Island is big, (about 50 kilometers from top to bottom) which means it can easily cloister many different regions, each with its own human density, an its own atmosphere. Check through our beach-by-beach rundown of the island’s many tropical stretches of sand and water:


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