Famous Phuket Delicacies

Famous Phuket Delicacies1

Famous Phuket Delicacies

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Phuket foods are famous for its plentiful fishes, oysters, squid, lobsters and prawns. You can find plenty seafood restaurants in Phuket, we’ve listed several in our Phuket dining guide


The noodles are cooked in various styles. Mi Hokkian or Mi hun is fried with fresh shrimps, pork, shellfish and green cabbage. Mi sapan is topped with seafood and gravy and Mi hun pachang is fried vermicelli eaten with pig’s bone soup.


When talking about Thai curry, most foreigners will probably think of chicken or beef curry only. When you’re in Phuket, try Phuket’s kaeng luang (sour curry with fish and vegetables), a popular southern curry with a peculiar taste.

Khanom Chin

These rice noodles are normally eaten with curry soup made from minced shrimps or fish. You can find khanom chin anywhere in Thailand, khanom chin of Phuket has a richer flavor and is served with vegetables. This is a typical breakfast for local people.

Namphrik Kung Siap

Phuket style, hot shrimp paste sauce blended with roasted shrimps and eaten with fresh vegetables.

Namphrik Kung Sot

This is a shrimp paste blended with fresh shrimps, red onions, chilies and seasoned with lemon. The locals enjoy this Thai food with rice or khanom chin.

Ho Mok

This Thai food cuisine is steamed curried fish or other seafood with vegetables held in a banana leaf or foil container. It’s best eaten with steam rice.

This is only a small list of famous Phuket foods, there are many other delicious Thai food cuisines to choose, just go out and explore and “have fun”.

Thailand Desserts

Like other Phuket delicacies, Thailand desserts are yummy. Most Thai desserts are made from five straightforward ingredients; coconut flesh, rice flour, coconut cream, eggs and palm sugar

You can find an assortment of Thailand desserts for sale at many different places from markets, large department stores, food stalls and restaurants.

There are many kinds of Thailand desserts; here are a few that our family has had during out trips to Phuket…


Egg custard. This is a must try!

Kluai buat chi

This banana and coconut cream and boy is it “tasty”.

Fakthong buat

A combination of pumpkin in coconut cream, if you liked it with banana, this dessert is just as “tasty”.

Kao Niew Ma-Muang

This dessert is sticky rice with ripe mango.

Bua loi

Delicious rice flour balls in coconut cream.