Patong Nightlife

Patong Nightlife

If you are looking for nightlife in Phuket then Patong is the number one choice. Patong phuket nightlife massage karaoke thai girls disco live band music a gogohas a lot of bars, discos, karaokes massages and a go-go bars with beautiful thai girls (bar girls).

Although there is a heavy nightlife in Patong, I think it suitable for families with kids anyway because the nightlife is centralized to just a small part of Patong; Bangla Road and Soi Sunset and if you avoid these streets on evenings and nights you will never noticed it.

The nightlife in Patong is located at Bangla road and Soi Sunset. Although there is another group of bars nearby Thara Patong hotel along the beach road (if you walk to the left on this map) and Soi Sea Pearl at Sawatdirak road. The go-go bars are in Soi Seadragon and Soi Eric (Flash a gogo).

Karon nightlife — Phuket

Karon has enough beer bars to satisfy you and recently a new disco/live music place opened in Karon, so you can have fun here too.

Phuket Town nightlife — Phuket

In Phuket Town you can also find some nightlife, most Thai people at these places and good choice if you are tired of tourists 🙂
I have visited Climax and The Spark Club (Nightclub, Live music) located on Ratsada Rd. and Pink Lady Cafe (Café, Karaoke).

Thai Law regarding nightlife — Phuket

According to the Thai law discos and nightclubs have to close at 2:00 am and normal pubs/beer bars at 01:00 am. But as you already might know this is not true for Phuket or many other places. Many get around the law by bribing the local police and as someone told me, Patong is a free zone with many exceptions from the Thai law.

Some advices regarding nightlife in Phuket

Don’t make serious promises you can’t keep. Believe it, your life may not be so valuable if you make false promises to lure girls to your intensions. Don’t say ‘I like/love you’ if you don’t mean it and be careful if you have many girls, the girls may end up fighting with each other or with you.

Always practice safe sex and use condom. Be mindful of AIDS! You don’t want it. Although, I have been told that many men don’t want to use condom, and I can’t believe it! Either they are very stupid or they already have AIDS? Bad enough, some girls actually do it without condom.

You have to understand that all sexy girls are not females. There are many beautiful ‘ladies’ that actually are men; transvestites or transsexuals (katoeys). These groups can be extremely rude, dangerous and revengeful if a promise is broken. Be careful.

You fall in love with a girl? Don’t give her too much money, use common sense. I have heard many stories about girls getting huge amounts of money from men who love them. The girl may or may not like you. But many girls are actually looking for relationships with a good man and there are happy stories too.

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